SuMoth in few words

The Foiling SuMoth Challenge is a student competition where the teams ultimate objective is to design, manufacture and sail the most sustainable and efficient foiling International Moth (IMCA).

The SuMoth Challenge goals

The ultimate global goal is simply to create a community framework where the future professionals can have the opportunity to try and validate new innovative ideas before getting into the industry,

The objectives linked to the framework called the Foiling SuMoth Challenge are in line with the Goals for Sustainable Development (GSD) with a focus on the world of sailing and the marine environment. 

Climate action, Quality Education and Gender equality,  are some of the goals from the GSD that we focus on. Promoting the “3R” principle of REduce, REuse, REcycle, the open access to all information, results and masterclasses as well as the inclusion of women in the sailing world. In 2022, the Foiling SuMoth fleet was 100% skipped by females.