PoliMi Sailing Team

Politecnico di milano, Milan, Italy

The PoliMi Sailing Team is formed by a conglomeration of students from different backgrounds, from Engineering to Fashion design!

PoliTo Sailing Team

Politecnico di Torino, Turin, Italy

The PoliTo Sailing Team is, by far, the largest team in the SuMoth Challenge.   

Rafale ETS

ETS Montreal, Montreal, Canada

Team Rafale origins date to CClass Catamarans, being the first student team to Design and Build a foiling CClass.

Soton SuMoth Team

Southampton University, Southampton, UK

The Southampton SuMoth Team is the last one to register for the 2022  and in a short time have proven that they are 

Audace Sailing Team

university of trieste, Trieste, Italy

Mothis Vela Uni Padova

university of padova, padova, Italy

UNIPV Sailing Team

University of pavia, pavia, Italy

Solent SuMoth Team

University of Solent, southampton, uk

Chalmers Formula Sailing

Chalmers University, Gothemburg, sweden

Team Corona Coaster

Finn Morris, 29er sailor, highschool student

During the COVID quarantine in the spring of 2020, high school student Finn Morris decided to spend his time building a Moth with recycled materials and minimal tool. Future is really promising! 

ENSA SuMoth Team

Centrale nantes ENSA, Nantes, France