PoliMi Sailing Team is up to speed!

As the Foiling SuMoth Challenge swiftly approaches, the Polimi Sailing Team’s project is progressing towards its final phase. This is when the focus decidedly shifts from theory to practice. Having completed the design research and development phase, and with the production process well underway, every team member is energetically dedicating themselves to refining and optimizing every aspect of the project. The efforts of all team members are directed towards achieving ambitious goals: while some are anchored at their desks, immersed in data analysis and refining the control system, others are engaged at the construction sites and in laboratories, making crucial improvements to each component of the prototype. Unity stems from a shared aspiration for excellence, with a fervent desire to see Febe once again dominate its category.

The design modifications for Febe have been finalized, allowing us to shift focus to the production of new components as well as the preliminary design of the 2025 season prototype. The team’s production group, equipped with lab coats and work equipment, has moved to Dervio at technical partner Neomarine’s facility, where the team has been provided with the necessary space to bring their ideas to life.

The first phase of work involved a makeover of the deck and a reinforcement of the internal structures, allowing for an overall lightening of the vessel. The deck was constructed, like the previous one, from basalt fiber with recycled PET core and thermoplastic resin. The internal reinforcements were placed by recycling portions of the old deck.

Thanks to the support of the new partner Centro Vela Dervio, test were then carried out using the previous generation boat, Teti, which proved to be a fundamental test bed for identifying problems and potential of the new solutions. The automatic control system in its latest iteration performed its a complete data acquisitions on this prototype, in preparation for equipping it on Febe and enabling the actuation of the control surfaces.

Despite the relentless pace imposed by the boatyard on the team, there has still been time for leisure and relaxation. In the last week of March, the first significant team-building activity was organized. The team left the familiar shores of the lake to venture into the mountains. These small, fun challenges faced together represent a valuable opportunity to increase group synergy and steadily strengthen the team.

Another point of pride for the team was the opportunity to organize the second edition of the event “Vela & Foil, tra lavoro e passione”. The discussion covered sustainability, technological innovations, and skills relevant to the sailing field. The team would like to thank again the speakers Clelia Sessa, Luca Rizzoti, Enrico Benco, Bacci del Buono, Luigi Maffioli, Marcello Persico, and Giorgio Benussi, whose shared experiences and knowledge enriched all the participants by revealing the skills and passion required in the nautical sector.