Southampton Sailing Team Blog #2 2022

The Grand Reveal of SuMoth!
We had shown you the 3D model of our SuMoth in the previous blog, and this month we
proudly present you the actual moth itself, with the wooden wing bars

PoliTo Sailing Team Blog #2 2022

We have finally finished the design part of the project and now we are watching our moth coming alive. The team is very committed to the project and is working with perseverance and commitment so that the project will be completed as soon as possible. For the electronic flight control system, we designed the servo motor and its location, a feasibility study for all the possible weight and their best positioning, and also had to discuss how to connect the cables and the sensors.

Rafale ETS Montreal Team Blog #2 2022

Rafale 3: Lead-Up to SuMoth Challenge

With the end of the manufacturing phase in sight, the team is more motivated than ever to prepare for this summer’s competition on Lake Garda. New exciting partnerships will allow the team to strengthen its ties on either side of the Atlantic and gain new knowledge in key areas.

Southampton SuMoth Team Blog #1 2022

“Make no mistake, the future of our sport is in the hands of young people like this. For all the fancy words and hearty proclamations by many in our sport, it’s the people who are actually practically doing something that really matter and make a difference. The SuMoth Teams around the world – they stretch from the UK to Italy and Canada – are on the ragged edge of design and sustainability and it is an endlessly fascinating project to witness.” Magnus Wheatly, Rule 69 Blog

Iridium SuMoth Team Blog #1 2022

Solent University is entering the Foiling Week SuMoth Challenge as an all new entry. In 2020 the university was represented by a team but due to Covid implications the project could not continue. In December 2021 a new team formed and this creates the new team representing Solent University. 

Rafale ETS Montreal Team Blog #1 2022

The return to in-person classes sparked a new generation of sustainable boatbuilding enthusiasts, driving the team full speed towards the completion of its prototype. Rookies and veterans are eager to see Rafale 3 hit the waters of Lake Garda for the 2022 SuMoth Challenge. The team is now formed of 25 members with varying degrees of implication. Not all are sailors, but many are keen to learn new skills in boat building and ship design. 

Audace Sailing Team Blog #1 2022

Audace Sailing Team is a university project backed by the Department of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Trieste (Italy), with the goal of designing and building racing sailboats. Dreaming of a “greener” boating world, we aim to study and experiment cutting-edge technologies that effectively combine performance and sustainability. Student-centered competitions – such as the 1001VelaCup and the SuMoth Challenge – fuel our creativity , push us to continuously innovate and provide us with the right motivation to stand out in international sailing circuits.

PoliMi Sailing Team Blog #1 2022

It goes without saying that we are overly excited to be competing in the SuMoth Challenge for the third year in a row. Since last July, the team has been constantly growing and we are more than thrilled to be in Malcesine next summer amongst some of the best engineers in the sailing field coming from all over the world. The competition seems tight and we love it!

PoliTo Sailing Team Blog #1 2022

A new year started at PoliTo Sailing Team, we are growing in multiple ways , first of all in number; this year’s recruitment bore fruit, we added new members ready to give their all for the team, secondly we are more aware of our potential thanks to last year’s expertise.

This year’s SuMoth project started in October with the aim of designing and producing a great Moth in a brief time, applying all the precious things the team has learned from last year’s project “Keth”.